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My name is Jim Ringers.  I was born in NY, NY. I

grew up in Connecticut outside of New York. I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast, and when the teachers would let us out for recess I would run to the door usually screaming “recess” at the top of my lungs. We usually played kick ball, that was our game.

Now almost fifty years later I’m trying to share a message with “the people”. It’s a message about feeling good. I made more than a few mistakes in my life. One particular mistake I made took less than a second. I’ve been blessed many times in less then a second too, so I consider myself lucky🍀.

I enjoy reading and listening to stories.

In my short story Feeling Good You I’m trying to plant a seed. In order to help the seed grow you need to take action. I’ve actually planted a few seeds, and given you an opportunity and the direction to grow the seeds. Everything you need to feel good, and get off the ground and start flying like an eagle is in this book. Go now, and start FeelingGoodYou!!!

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